Traditional braces

Close up of female patient smiling and showing brackets with multicolored rubber bands. Woman demonstrating wired braces with colorful dental rings. Concept of dentistry, orthodontics and stomatology.

What is traditional braces?

Traditional braces is an effective treatment option and is used on patients of all ages.

Traditional braces consist of small brackets in metal (silver / champagne) or porcelain (white) that are glued to the front of the teeth. Across all the brackets is a wire that is held in place with small elastics around each bracket. You can choose the color of the elastics. The wire is changed / tightened several times during the treatment. The brackets sit on the teeth until the treatment is finished.

White / tooth-colored brackets are made of porcelain and are often used on adult or adolescent patients who want the braces to be less visible. The wire will still always be silver colored. Our new champagne-colored brackets are also a less visible alternative. There is a surcharge for these options.