We treat all kinds of malocclusions, such as overjet, crossbite, anterior crossbite and crowding. You can choose between traditional braces (metal braces) or nearly invisible braces.

We can offer treatment with clear, champagne and silver braces. We are also certified for almost invisible braces: Invisalign and Dentiline.

Traditional braces

We offer treatment with traditional braces. Choose between silver, white / tooth-colored or champagne-colored brackets.

We have elastics in many different colors that are placed around each bracket.

Retainers and headgear

Retainers and headgear are most often used on children to take advantage of jaw growth to correct bite malfunction. This type of appliances is used for correction of bite defects such as over-/underbite, crossbite and overjet.

If you are having a retainer, you can choose which colors and images / icons you want on it, and whether it should have glitter or not.


Detachable, comfortable and almost invisible orthodontic trays for you who want braces without it showing too much


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