At the first visit, the orthodontist performs a clinical examination of your / your child's teeth, and 1-2 x-rays are often taken. Which treatment is relevant and costs are stated during the consultation.

Our treatments have a fixed price. It provides predictability for you as a patient and no hidden costs. We offer the option of partial payment at no extra cost. The price that applies to you depends on whether you are entitled to a refund from Helfo and, if so, which reimbursement group you are in.

Our treatment prices include treatment, emergency appointments, X-rays, photos, equipment. For treatment with traditional braces, the price also includes glued retainers in the jaw (s) that have been treated, night gum (only if you have been treated in the upper jaw) and 6 follow-ups after the end of treatment.


Examination by a specialist, consultation335 - 7501130
Treatment planning150 - 8101250
Examination by a specialist follow-up0 - 405675
OPG / panoramic X-ray290 - 521675
CEPH / Profile X-ray224 - 533739
Phase 1-treatment:
Detachable appliances (retainers and head gear)11.100 - 17.60022.800
Phase 2-treatment:
Traditional braces 2 jaws (steel)15.800 - 33.90038.900 - 42.800
Traditional braces 1 jaw (steel)13.700 - 28.80033.900
Surcharge white porcelaine/aesthetic brackets pr jaw30003000
Surcharge «champagne»/aesthetic brackets pr jaw10001000
6 post-treatment followups Phase 2IncludedIncluded
Aligner («invisible» aligners)Fra 15.000
Bonding of retainer and technician fee2250
Night retainer0 - 950 (max. 2)1200
Bite plate jaw joint problems3995
Tooth whitening kit: Opalescence 16%, incl. 2 customized trays5000
Tooth whitening trays, 1 jaw1700
Tooth whitening trays, 2 jaws3000
Tooth whitening gel200

Do you need an emergency appointment and are not a patient with us, or have completed all follow-up checks?

Then we charge time according to the time used. NB: For these hours, the Helfo refund does not apply.

15 min: 650,- 30 min: 950,- 45 min: 1600,- 60 min: 2250,-